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Study Opportunities


  • Study at the Slovenian leading institution in business and economics awarded with Equis and AACSB accreditation.
  • A high academic level programme in English with case study supplements.
  • International faculty from all over the world.
  • ECTS credits that are internationally recognised.
  • Gain insights into the Slovenian business world through company visits.
  • International and intercultural experience; make a network of new friends from different parts of the world
  • Improve your English.
  • July is the sunniest and warmest month in Slovenia; enjoy the opportunity to explore different parts of Slovenia, the sunny side of the Alps.
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posted Mar 22, 2012, 3:49 AM by Michael Quinn   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 2:20 AM by Unknown user ]

Bachelor Course
Lecturer Prof. JUDr. Tomas Balco, LL.M., ACCA
University KIMEP, Almaty, Kazakhstan
ECTS credits 6 ECTS
Aims of the course:

This course will address the practical aspects of taxation relevant to Companies – both in the national and 
international perspective. Part of the course will be also dedicated to Multinational Enterprises - MNE’s, 
where  the students can explore the important tax considerations  to companies in cross-border 

The class will review diverse areas of  comparative company  taxation important for Multinational 
enterprises as well theoretical and practical guidance of how to navigate between the complex rules of 
different jurisdictions and at the same time manage the tax opportunities and challenges as well as tax 
attributes of the financial statements. 

Practical real business cases will be discussed to demonstrate the role of international double tax treaties, 
the limitations of a certain jurisdiction in a cross border transaction. The course will cover different tax 
considerations relevant under different business and economic circumstances. More information about the course and course syllabus is available here..>>
See feedback of students taking this course last year here..>>

Ljubljana Summer School offer many courses which are academically challenging and intellectually stimulating. Discussion between professors and students through various interactive teaching methods are strongly encouraged. Lecturers, from Slovenia and all over the world, are experts in their chosen fields and are actively involved in academic research; many act as advisers and consultants to companies and the government.  More information:

"Research Work Competition" by «Linkage & Mind»

posted Jan 27, 2012, 8:53 PM by Michael Quinn   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 2:20 AM by Unknown user ]

Linkage & Mind LLP is proud to announce
Annual Legal Essay Competition 2012!

Essay Topics

▪ Actual problems of the corporate law in the Republic of Kazakhstan

▪ Actual problems of the legislative regulation of subsoil use in Kazakhstan

▪ Actual problems of securities market regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

▪ Actual problems of tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

▪ Actual problems of competition policy legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

▪ Actual problems of the environmental law of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Contest Regulation

▪ Choose any topic from the abovelisted

▪ Each student can submit only one (1) essay

▪ The competition is open to law students of the 2-4 years of study in Kazakhstan
universities (must be currently enrolled full-time)

▪ There are no limitations to nationality and citizenship

▪ The essay text is minimum three (3) single-spaced, 12-point font pages. The title
page and bibliography are not included in the two pages

▪ The language of the essay is Russian or English

▪ The title page should include the following: essay title, author's name, university
name, email and phone number. 

▪ Submit pdf version of the essay to Yuliya Daurova at by 20 March, 2012.

▪ 150,000 KZT and 3-months internship

▪ The winner will be announced on April 2, 2012 via e-mail and on Linkage & Mind
website. Due to high volume of requests, only the winner will be notified.

USAID Training Announcement

posted Jan 27, 2012, 8:44 PM by Michael Quinn   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 2:20 AM by Unknown user ]

USAID Regional launches Regional Economic Integration intensive program to improve the export potential for associations and businesses in Central Asia region, aimed to enhance companies export system, by  training employees and practical promotion of export.

The companies / associations can apply for participation in this program. The main group of 60 experts from business associations and enterprises will be selected for training, which includes consideration of:
  • International Business Practice (effective business model)
  • Regional Business Practice (effective business model)
  • logistics Management
  • Marketing and promotion (access to new markets)
  • Lobbying for the interests of business associations

For more detailed information, please, find the file attached or follow the link..>>

CEE Vienna International Tax Law Summer School 2012

posted Dec 29, 2011, 2:39 AM by Michael Quinn   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 2:20 AM by Unknown user ]

Dear collegues,

With this e-mail we would like to invite full-time students from Central Easterin European (CEE) countries to participate in the CEE Vienna International Tax Law Summer School 2012 scheduled from July 16 – July 20, 2012 and organised by the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law at the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

This program comprises a week of intensive work on scientific topics covering the practice of double tax treaties and European tax law, taught by professors and experienced research staff of our Institute. The program is limited to about 25-30 students in order to ensure high quality. Renowned partners from the business community support the program. The participation fee amounts to EUR 2000,-, full-time students and students employed as teaching and/or research assistants at university may apply for a “waiver”. A subsidy for travel and/or accommodation expenses may be granted upon request. Participants are asked for a non reimbursable handling charge of EUR 50,-.

Please find further details on the program and the application on our website

We would like to invite you to forward this program to interested full time students in the CEE-area and are looking forward to receiving their full applications!

Tel: + + 43-1-31336-4890
Fax: + 43 1 31336 / 730

Email: (Institute) (LL.M. International Tax Law) (SFB International Tax Coordination) (Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation)

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