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 Askar Saparbekov
  "My trip to China" 
My name is Askar Saparbekov, I am 4
th year student, major in Finance, minor in Taxation.
Since 26-30 June 2013 I have been participated Summer Program jointly offered by the International Tax Center of Leiden University, the Financial and Taxation Center of Peking University and the Center of International Tax Law and Comparative Taxation at Xiamen University. The Taxation Summer School took place in beautiful city Xiamen, China.

  It is honor to me to write my experience in China. First of all, I was studying Introduction to International Tax Law and Tax Treaty Law.  The lecturer was Prof. dr. Kees van Raad, the Professor of taxation at Leiden University, a member of the Global Law Faculty of New York University Law School and a permanent visiting professor at the Peking University Law School in China. He serves as a deputy judge in the Tax Court office – Hertogenbosch.

   During five days we covered different aspects of International Tax Law and Tax Treaty Law, such as jurisdictional bases for taxation, taxation of income from foreign business operations (double taxation), relief of juridical double taxation and economic double taxation (direct investment & portfolio investment), moreover relief of double taxation provided through tax treaties.

  This course taken in Xiamen University was very effective to my mindset, as it changed my attitude to taxation and increased my interest. Because of this I decided that I will make my minor in taxation and will continue to study this field. I found in taxation a lot of perspectives, which will help me to become a professional. Now, I am still studying taxation at KIMEP and taking two courses Principles of Taxation and Tax Law in Kazakhstan. During our course I found many friends, who are also were studying in Summer School. There were a lot of students outstanding students from different universities of China. They shared with us their knowledge in taxation, moreover I have found answer how to keep continue my education in China.

Thank you CATRC team! I appreciate all the things which are you doing for development of our potential. It was amazing experience and for other CATRC team strongly recommend to apply next year. It worth it! =))

 Aigerim Temir                                                
           "Summer course Xiamen University"

Perhaps you read about the annual Taxation Summer School in China? I was one of the students, who had a chance to participate in this remarkable course. I was sent to Xiamen University International Tax Law Summer Schoolby the CATRC team.  Professor TomasBalco has been maintaining relationships with the International Tax Center in Leiden. Professor Kees van Raad is the chairman of the Center and the lecturer of this summer course. He is professor of law at the University of Leiden, a member of the Global Law Faculty of New York University Law School and a permanent visiting professor at the Peking University Law School in China. He serves as a deputy judge in the Tax Court office -Hertogenbosch.

  The knowledge component is far from being the only reason to visit Xiamen University summer school. The university campus provides students with one of the most prominent facilities for study and entertainment. The summer school organizers provide participants with visa support, reimbursement of food expenses, study materials necessary for the course and ‘student-buddy’ assistance during your stay in China. Where else in China can you go to the beach, eat exotic fruits and ride electric bicycles at the campus of the university except Xiamen?                            

 Moreover, you have a lifetime opportunity to make friends among extraordinary talented Chinese youth, discuss the OECD rules with the great Professor from Leiden and explore the culture of one of the greatest nations inside out. There are any number of people who try to find more respectable or glamorous titles for the mundane jobs they hold, but very few people pursue the path of commitment to their work.The summer course you are aiming at can enhance your knowledge in taxation, widen your career perspectives and increase your chances of becoming the tax professional. I strongly encourage you to take a part in the next year summer school and start preparing your documents and funding sources in advance.