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Scholarship recipients

Natalya Pak                                                                                                                                                   
Tomas Balco's Scholarship Recepient
My name is Natalya Pak, I’m a graduate of KIMEP and also a member of CATRC. Currently, I’m working at KPMG, Tax & Legal Department. My tax classes and experience at CATRC helped me to learn more about a profession of tax consultant, which eventually became my career goal. Working at CATRC, I made a research on different areas of taxation, I organized/participated in different tax conferences and other events.

Finally, I could develop skills that are so important for a tax consultant: good time management, attention to details, professional communication etc. Also, I’m very thankful to Tomas Balco for his scholarship at KIMEP, it brought a lot of motivation and enthusiasm to me for studying taxation.

Kamilya Altayeva                                                                                                                                         
Tomas Balco's Scholarship Recepient
Kamilya Altayeva – one of the oldest members of CATRC, joined it before it creation in August 2010 as a teaching assistant for the course Taxation in Kazakhstan. Her current occupation in CATRC is Research Assistant and she graduates from KIMEP in July 2011.
Kamilya showed herself as a very responsible, hard-working, initiative member of the center and believe that CATRC greatly contributed to her professional development and through it she received several job and academic offers from very prestigious organizations. Kamilya received Tomas Balco Scholarship two times for the organization of the conferences and contribution to the center.

"I believe that this is a very good reward for the work that I have done and would be a good motivation for the new members of the CATRC. Currently I plan to pursue my career in finance and believe that knowledge of taxation well help me a lot."

Shynar Bitegenova                                                                                                                       
Tomas Balco's Scholarship Recepient
My name is Shynar Bitegenova. I am oficially former member of CATRC team, but at heart I will always see the Center as my home. I am soon graduating from KIMEP with a major in accounting and a newly established but already very popular minor in taxation.
When I joined the young and enthusiastic team of CATRC I immediately engaged myself in all of the activities and research work of the Center. As a motivation and my first payment I got a scholarship from Tomas Balco. At that point of time I was shocked with the fact that I was doing what I liked and got reward for it not only with new opportunities and frontiers in my future career and life but additionally, with means to support my KIMEP expenses!

As a result, my interest and motivation to learn and become an expert in taxation rose with great speed. The largest contribution to the CATRC from my side was the organization of Transfer Pricing Conference on April, 29th 2011. For me it was a key challenge in my university ligfe, where I excelled my management and teamworking skills while learning more and more about transfer pricing and international taxation.

I strongly encourage the viewers of this page to join the CATRC and catch a spirit of the TEAM and probably, become a respected international tax professional.

Shukubayeva Zhanar                                                                                                                 
Tomas Balco's Scholarship Recepient
I got to know Tomas back in year 2007 when I took Principles of Taxation class from him. Later in 2008, while being Teaching Assistant to Tomas on two subjects: Principles of Taxation and Taxation in Kazakhstan, I received a scholarship after Tomas Balco. I have been a participant of KIMEP INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE (KIRC) 2009 with the presentation on theme “Kazakhstan as Regional Holding Jurisdiction”.

In 2009 I graduated from KIMEP with Magna Cum Laude and with the recommendation of Tomas entered into University of Glasgow. Also, I won the State Presidential Scholarship Bolashak and went to study Management in UK. Last year I finished my masters and now I am a consultant in Assurance department of PwC.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that receiving scholarship from Tomas encouraged and continues to encourage me to try my best in achieving my goals in life as Tomas believed in me.

Kubanychbek Sagaliev                                                                                                                                                                

Tomas Balco's Scholarship Recepient
My name is Kubanychbek Sagaliev, I'm graduate student of KIMEP. While I was studying in 2009, I worked as Teaching Assistant (TA) of Prof. Tomas Balco of the "Principles of Taxation" and "Taxation in Kazakhstan". At that time I was granted a scholarship after Tomas. To note, working as TA was a great chance to learn and acquire interesting and useful knowledge related to general taxation and taxation in Kazakhstan. Furthermore, receiving scholarship made me feel very enthusiastic and motivated. I am very thankful to Prof. Tomas for his scholarship at KIMEP.

Galymbek Zhumabayev                                                                                                

The School of Law Scholarship recepient

I really appreciate the KIMEP initiative according the scholarships. KIMEP give an ultimate opportunity for me to get a world class education to enrich myself and change the society. As recipient of scholarship I want to make an special word of gratitude for School of Law, which scholarship I received.