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Tomas Balco Scholarship

Tomas Balco Scholarship                                                                                                                  
Tomas Balco’s first Scholarship donations were distributed among several KIMEP students in Fall 2008. The Scholarship program is aimed to support the most talented and brightest students and distributed on the semester basis. For the last 3 years Tomas’s teaching salary in excess of USD 30.000 was allocated to the scholarship fund and donated to a number of students.

The story behind this is that once Tomas Balco, being a 21 year student, through the Scholarship got the opportunity to study abroad, at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL), the USA. More information about Tomas's past study experience may be found on the official website of the UNL - here. This Scholarship Program was established by Paul Robitschek, Czech citizen(picture from the right). In 1996, Paul established the Robitschek Czech Scholar Program with the University of Nebraska. The program was aimed to give talented Czech students the opportunity to spend a year in the United States to have a broad experience living in American culture. (To read more about Paul Robitschek biography and Scholar program follow the link.)

“ I was one of the people who were the early recipients of Paul Robitschek’s Scholarship. Later, I spent a lot of time talking to Paul and the University of Nebraska. Paul Robitschek was the person who inspired me. He was the person, who opened doors to me, doors to make it a bit closer toward realizing my dreams of study and work in International Law.”

Tomas sets a good example of patriotic behavior for Kazakhstani local authorities and governments, by being a foreigner in Kazakhstan, who cares and believes in the perspectives of it’s nation . Being one of the few, who makes the effort to support the young generation of Kazakhstan, Tomas inspires the youths, make them believe in a perspective future and helps to realize opportunities.

“I believe that Tomas is an amazing person – giving his salary as a scholarship is something that not everyone would do, but what he does influences other people’s life and how they look the world” said Zhanar Shukubayeva, KIMEP BSC program graduate. And the bright evidence of this statement is reality of another KIMEP student(Ms Shadiyeva), who shared the following: “For me, the scholarship I’ve received encouraged me to work hard on self-development to become a professional and strive for success. I realized that somebody believes in me, and it makes me stronger and more ambitious”.

“I think the most significant gift I got from him was that he managed to teach me to have a positive and optimistic attitude. Pessimism is paralyzing. I learned not to stop and turn in front of an obstacle, but to look for ways to overcome it and take the steps the pessimist would never take due to giving up the most important - the dreams. Developing the optimistic attitude is the only way one can keep the direction and achieve dreams whatever they are.” – said Professor Balco about Paul Robitschek.

Tomas is very appreciated about the person who gave him a hand and helped to achieve the success his has now. I think we all should follow Tomas’s example being grateful to our teachers and learn the best from them.

Tomas Balco Scholarship's recipients Please, follow the link to read more.