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Experience of CATRC Alumni

Interview with Natalya Pak
Tomas Balco: tell us please what has happened with your career since you graduated from Kimep?
Natalya Pak : At the end of my senior year at KIMEP I participated in KPMG tax contest and got an opportunity to intern at KPMG, Tax and Legal department. After two months I got a job offer to join KPMG as a tax consultant. Now I’m still working at KPMG in M&A tax group, but I decided to take a break for one year and pursue a master degree in law and accounting at London School of Economics and Political Science.

Tomas Balco: why did you choose career in taxation?
Natalya Pak : There are a few reasons I’ve chosen career in tax. First, tax can never feel you bored, it requires application of different skills like working both with accounting and law. Secondly, there are not so many people who specialize in this area, so this profession is in high demand on Kazakhstani market. Thirdly, you will always have work, because taxes apply to everyone, so this is a relevant topic for every company or even a person.

Tomas Balco: what do you like about working in tax profession?
Natalya Pak :  I don’t consider tax as a routine job, every day brings you surprises and challenges. I like communicating with my clients, discovering their problems and bringing solutions or advice on particular issues. The other thing I appreciate a lot is working with people in a team and observing the process how we grow through sharing information, coaching and “cutting through complexity”.

Tomas Balco: did you develop area of expertise or specialization?
Natalya Pak : I joined newly established M&A tax group at KPMG, which collaborates with financial team a lot. So, depending on a case, we like to look at and assess current position of the target from either investor or seller perspectives.

Tomas Balco: what is your further career goals and dreams?
 Natalya Pak : My career goal is to become an outstanding tax specialist with superior knowledge in international tax or M&A activity. Probably, my long term goal would be to start an academic career in tax, because I do enjoy teaching and learning the techniques how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice.

Tomas Balco: what would you recommend to Kimep tax specialization students?
Natalya Pak : I think the best thing to do is being proactive. To apply for tax jobs (internships), to participate and to get involved into tax events, because this is the only way to get taste of tax.