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CATRC Consulting

   Members of the Central Asian Tax Research Center, together with research fellows from Kazakhstan and abroad, participate in numerous consulting projects that are mainly focused on tax policy in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Our projects include practical tax consulting with a focus on international taxation and Common Economic Space (Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia). 
Successful projects completed by the CATRC team include facilitation services for the USAID-funded Regional Trade Liberalization Project and tax trainings for the Korean National Oil Company.
Current consulting project (2013) is a project sponsored by the Embassy of Netherlands and administered by EFCA dealing with Tax Incentives for CSR Activities.
PRESS RELEASES 2011 U.S. Helps Businesses from Central Asia and AfghanistanForm Export Partnerships

Tax Clinic Project (feasibility stage)
CATRC is currently carrying a feasibility study for launching the Tax Clinic aimed at providing students with an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge in accounting and taxation into practice. 
The initiative already started with training sessions, where students learn practical considerations related to taxation: how to register different forms of legal entities, fill in declarations, file tax returns, complete reports and register both individuals and legal entities as taxpayers in Kazakhstan. 
As stated by Olga Shatova, KIMEP LLM student and Tax Clinic participant: “The trainings give students a chance to put theory into practice. It was very interesting to get to know company registration procedures in Kazakhstan. Now students can use this knowledge in their studies and work!”. 
The final stage of the Tax Clinic will be provision of these technical services to clients by students. 
As part of the Tax Clinic Initiative, students are also engaged in review of real court cases related to taxation. 
CATRC has already piloted a cooperative initiative with several tax lawyers from Almaty. This provides opportunity to KIMEP LLM students review cases related to taxation (both local and international), undertake appropriate research and provide their recommendations as to how particular case can be further argued.
We welcome those who want to develop taxation knowledge and specialization in Kazakhstan to become our partners in the “Tax Clinic” Initiative!