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Transfer pricing conference

Roundtable and Seminar "Transfer Pricing 2011"

On April 29, 2011, CATRC in cooperation with Association of

Taxpayers of Kazakhstan gathered the top corporate tax professionals and tax consultants together with the representatives of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance to share different perceptions, practices and experiences regarding the current economic, regulatory and fiscal changes taking place in transfer pricing under the umbrella of Round table and Seminar “Transfer Pricing 2011”.

 “First, I would like to thank KIMEP and students who took part in the organization of the event for giving the Tax Committee of Ministry of Finance of RK an opportunity to participate in the Round table and Seminar. I am very impressed that the research assistants of CATRC made a research in transfer pricing issues, which are quite complex and special. In particular, I was impressed by the presentations made by Indira Aibussinova and Galiya Shishingarina as well as Elvira Haliullina, because they managed to cover topics that are not that simple in practical application” – said Lidiya Hashieva, head expert of the department of large taxpayers, Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of RK.


The first half of the day was a Round table, where respectable representatives of the tax community of Kazakhstan such as Arman Mendybayev, partner of GRATA consulting firm, Jannat Yertlesova, chairman of the governing council of the Association of Taxpayers of Kazakhstan, discussed hot transfer pricing topics together with the students and participants.  The second half of the day was designed as an educational seminar, where practical issues for the taxpayers were covered and discussed together with tax professionals, including Vera Kapacina, director of Angels Nika Advisory. 


“The idea of organizing the Transfer pricing event is great because it was the first time when the student research assistants of CATRC met face to face with the business community and together they discussed issues of transfer pricing” – said Vera Kapacina.


Vladimir Tyutyuryukov, senior lecturer in taxation, who joined the faculty team of KIMEP this semester, played a key role in the success of the event as he was responsible for the academic content and guided the student research assistants of CATRC. As a result, they delivered presentations to the participants on a high level both from the academic and practical aspects.  


From the business community, the event was attended by tax professionals and consultants from such companies as “KPMG”, “Ernst & Young”, “PricewaterhouseCoupers”, Bank CenterCredit, Mintax, Fund SorosKazakhstan, Karachaganak Petroleum and many others.

The program of the Roundtable and Seminar may be found here.
Also slides you can find