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3rd Annual Taxation Conference/Symposium

On April 21st 2011, 8th Annual KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC) was opened by 3rd Annual Taxation Symposium, which was organized by Central Asian Tax Research Center (CATRC) of KIMEP. The purpose of this event is to motivate students to conduct profound research and share their academic discoveries through presenting the results of their study in front of large audience.

“Starting from February we have been working hard to make this event happen. Although it has been tough, the experience we acquired during our work on the project is precious. Moreover, thanks to the students, KIMEP taxation professors – Tomas Balco and Vladimir Tyutyuryukov, Golden Sponsor – “
Ernst and Young” - and KIMEP the conference was a success. This was the best reward for all of us”, said the project-manager Bibinur Imankulova, 4th year KIMEP student and the CATRC research assistant.

The Symposium was opened by welcoming speech of Dr. Dana Stevens, Vice-President of KIMEP Academic Affairs, Dr. Terence Blackburn, the School of Law Dean, Dr. William Gissy, Dean of Administration BCB, and Professor Tomas Balco, the CATRC director. They encouraged the students to keep working in the same direction and expressed their gratitude to the Golden Sponsor of the event - “Ernst and Young” audit and consulting company. The Golden Sponsor representative Natalya Postavnicheva, HR manager, in her opening speech also encouraged the taxation education to grow and expressed her desire to look at students’ work. The opening ceremony was closed with the round of applause by the spectators. 

The audience was comprised of curious students, who were eager to learn about actual taxation issues, and experienced business community representatives, who willingly shared their experience with students and academics. Everybody was delighted by the performance of beginning “tax professionals”.

The students indeed showed the high quality results and amazed the audience by their presentations. In the first half of the day the main topics were the importance of taxation for accounting purposes and hot issues of Kazakhstani domestic taxation system. Afterwards everybody could understand taxation deeper by listening to more advanced topics from international taxation domain. Finally, the special topics in taxation were discovered to the public. During the day the students being supported by Professor Balco and Professor Tyutyuryukov were involved into exciting discussions with the tax experts from “Ernst and Young”. 

KIMEP provided the participants with nice souvenirs for the conference - everybody got the notebooks, pens and bags with institute logo. CATRC prepared special t-shirts with funny taxation quotations for the participants to remember this event for a long time. In conclusion, special guest Ward Jones, partner of tax practice of “KPMG”, awarded with the presents the most prominent students of that day. By the result of fair voting, Natalya Pak and Assiya Yermukhametova were recognized “the best speakers” of 3rd Annual Taxation Symposium; Akerke Akhmetbek and Murat Dautov were highlighted by the audience for bright performance on the conference as well.

The award ceremony continued with nice reception and After-Tax Party in Fun Club.

The papers prepared by the participants of this event will be published shortly.