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International Taxation Seminars

International Taxation Seminar On October 13-14, 2011 CATRC successfully held seminar devoted to interpretation of international taxation issues. CATRC as research center did research in this area; two of researchers were in China, they attended summer course “International Tax Law”, which was provided by Professor Research activities Kees van Rad.  Based on their experience they prepared seminar.

Alina Ishaleyeva and Meruyert Assilova were two main speakers on this seminar. “International taxation” was first such seminar in Fall semester.  Ten external participants from different business communities attended the event. Meruyert Assilova said after seminar:  “It was a fascinating experience for me delivering some of the topics during the seminar. I got to know how challenging it is to lecture and how much devotion and proper preparation it requires. I would like to thank Tomas Balco for his support during the sessions!'”. As Meryuert mentioned Tomas Balco lent support not only during preparation to this event, but also during the sections. The following concepts were discussed  during the seminar: double taxation, which included double tax treaty, OECD and US model conventions, relief of double taxation, economical and juridical relief and other issues.

Moreover, after seminar participants filled evaluation form, based on this evaluations CATRC plans to continue such seminars, but it will be on more advanced level.