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Italy_kz 2012

Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum 2012 - First Round

Date: 9-10 February 2012 

Location: KIMEP University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Organizers: CATRC and The University of Ferrara, with the support of KIMEP University and The European School of Advanced Tax Studies

Sponsors: SITIE Impianti Industriali S.p.a. - Silver Sponsor, Kcell GSM Kazakhstan, Algiz Consulting and KIMEP Student Association

Information Support: International Fiscal Association, Association of taxpayers of Kazakhstan, Eurobak Kazakhstan, American Chamber of Commerce

"Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum" - is a bilateral event between two countries, the first round of which took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on February 9th and 10th, while the second round is planned to hold in Ferrara, Italy. The tangible results of the 2nd round should be a practical handbook for businessman and investors from Italy and Kazakhstan to help them navigate the tax complexities of the two countries, and also assisting them with international tax issues arising between the two countries.  

During the event, students and academics jointly studied the key features of tax systems and international tax provisions of both countries tax systems. Also the focus of the event was to conduct a research concerning mutual investment climate from both perspectives. In the forum, beside the academics and professors, participated business community,  tax managers and specialists of Algiz Consulting, Agip Karachaganak, Eusebi Impianti, Ersai Capsian Constructor, Fidia Pharma, ATF Bank and others.  

The Professor Vladimir Tyutyuryukov, CATRC,  KIMEP noticed:"I was excited to see a lot of professionals from several regions of Kazakhstan who are interested in international taxation and who therefore joined our event - both as speakers and participants of the discussions. That is the kind of cooperation we would like to see in the Forums - and I am proud of our team who reached that goal. Another effect of the Forum was development of some ideas based on practice of European Union for future research related to Customs Union - or, rather, Common Economic Space."  

Also, Hans Holzhacker, the chief economist of ATF Bank participated in the forum with the topic related to bilateral trade and Investment climate between Kazakhstan and Italy. “The tax system of the country is very interesting to me in general of to consider it from the point of effectiveness – being a major source of government revenue and the factor influencing the investment trend in country as whole. I am very glad for the opportunity to discuss this question with the specialists from different spheres and organizations. The discussion were active and during the debates there were risen several interesting moment to think about”.  

The program covered various aspects and provisions of tax law in both countries, starting from the very basics intro country rules  and constantly deeping into specifics of different tax regimes and tax treaties’ conventions applied in both countries. For example, Professor Greggi (the University of Ferrara presented on a very specific and pressing topic: “Special Anti-Avoidance Rules applicable to Kazakhstan - Italy business combinations and transactions”. But the most exciting and significant part of the program was session dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of bilateral tax treaty convention between Italy and Kazakhstan. In this part of the program also specialists from Algiz consulting company, Dana Tokmurzina and tax manager from ATF bank, Yelena Tyan took place.

As whole, each part of the program was considered from two perspectives - Italian by:  Professor Marco Greggi and 3 PhD students and by Kazakhstani: researchers from CATRC and 2 KIMEP Professors Tomas Balco and Vladimir Tyutyuryukov.

At the same time, Tomas Balco, the Associate Professor and School of Law, KIMEP University and Director of CATRC noted: The 1st round is a result of almost 18 months of joint work and cooperation between KIMEP and University of Ferrara, which has started in Summer 2010 between Prof. Greggi and Prof. Balco, when Prof. Balco visited the first event organized by University in Ferrara. Thereafter Prof. Greggi visited Almaty in February 2011 and Prof. Balco again visited Ferrara in Summer 2011. The next logical step was now to involve also students, who could start walking the bridge established by the two professors between our universities. The first student from KIMEP who will visit the University of Ferrara is Xeniya Yeroshenko, who will spend the Spring semester 2012 studying and researching under supervision of Prof. Greggi in Italy. I am pleased to see our students benefiting from the mutual relations started at the Professor’s levels.

“The Forum has been an outstanding occasion for academic exchange of ideas and insights into two very complicated tax systems. I was amazed by the capacity of the CATRC team to manage such and event, involving  academic, practitioners, and business as well of the two Counties” – adds Marco Greggi.

 It’s essential to underline that the first round of Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum took place with the financial support from the Italian company SITIE Impianti Industriali S.p.a. (, based in Ferrara, Italy. The company contributed to the event as a Silver Sponsor and  thanks to it’s support the forum was successfully delivered. SITIE Impianti Industriali S.p.A. has been working since the 1945 in the field of electrical and instrumentation installations, executing different activities from the design up to commissioning and start-up. The wide spectrum of activities has given the company the opportunity to operate in the international market and to work for the most important customers in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and energy sectors, acquiring new advanced technologies and methodologies.

Besides the support from SITIE Impianti Industriali S.p.a., the forum also got financial sponsorship from Algiz Consulting, KIMEP Student Association (KSA) and in-kind support from Kcell GSM Kazakhstan. CATRC appreciates the support from the business

 In the current moment, CATRC also actively works on establishing the mutual cooperation agreements with other universities from Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The forum was attended by students and professors of 2 other universities: The University of International Business (UIB) and Kazakh University of Economics named after T.Ryskulov.

"Kazakhstan-Italy Tax forum created a great opportunity for practitioners  of both countries for exchanging of experience and knowledge in Tax area. Current forum was a place to be for those who have the passion for taxation and who was willing to broad their outlook and make connection", -says Dana Yolo, the Professor from the Kazakh University of Economics.

The Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum became an unique opportunity for academics and business practitioners from both countries to meet together, share and discuss the essential issues of taxation.