Upcoming events from CATRC

 February 11, 2011

The Central Asia Tax Research Center has several more events planned for the Spring Semester 2011.

In March, the Center will carry out roundtables with the business community, in part to discuss conclusions from the previous events. The Center plans a Permanent Establishment Conference devoted to technical aspects of the concept of Permanent Establishment, including the attribution of profits and allocation of head-office expenses. The target group for the conference is multinational companies operating in Kazakhstan, tax practitioners and consultants.

On April 22-23, as a special tax session of the 8th Annual KIMEP International Research Conference, a Transfer Pricing Conference aimed at the 300 major taxpayers of Kazakhstan dealing with transfer pricing will be held. Its goal will be to write recommendations for improvements in relevant legislation in the Republic Kazakhstan.

In May, a China-Kazakhstan Tax Forum with similar objectives as the recent Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum will bring together the Chinese business community and KIMEP. Professors Liu and Tang from Peking University and Central University of Finance and Economics are slotted to attend. The key focuses will be the two domestic tax systems, recent developments in anti-avoidance rules and the tax implications of business relations. KIMEP faculty and students plan to visit both Korea and China on reciprocal visits, where both sets of events should culminate in publications containing recommendations for investors.

The last event currently planned by the Center is an International Oil and Gas, Mineral Extraction Taxation Conference, devoted to tax issues in the oil and gas, mineral extraction sectors and the interaction of taxation with other commercial and financial drivers in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea region.  The expected result of the conference is a comprehensive book containing country reports and policy papers written by all invited tax experts.