Anti-Avoidance Tax Conference Discusses Ways to Improve Tax Code

February 11, 2011

CATRC ran an Anti-Avoidance Tax Conference for members of the business community and KIMEP students and staff.

The Conference, dedicated to the research and analysis of anti-avoidance legislation in Kazakhstan with a focus on practical implications for tax planning and tax compliance, brought fascinating international perspectives.

The conference took place with the participation of foreign academics and professors and included the comparative analyses of Kazakhstani and international practice and experience.

It also focused on educating the business community and increasing awareness of how those provisions apply in actual practice. Professors and students from the University of Seoul also took part in the conference.

The event was sponsored by Linkage Mind, LLP, a Kazakhstani law firm. Both events last week were also sponsored by Boger Wines, importer and distributor of high quality wine.

The conference was also attended by CATRC research

fellow, Professor Marco Greggi, from the University of Ferrara, Italy.

"I have attended some presentations in Italy on the same topic, but the perspective that I got on the issues and on the problems we dealt with was absolutely new and outstanding for me. I interacted with researchers, students and professors from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and Korea. I was able to have a bird's eye view of the anti-avoidance provision that we have in Italy and in Europe concerning indirect taxes and VAT. I explained that in Italy we have different applicable anti-avoidance provisions depending on the taxes we are talking about," said Professor Greggi.