The 2nd Academic Taxation Conference/Symposium

A Tax Track of KIRC at KIMEP

KIMEP is organizing the 2nd Academic Taxation Conference in KIMEP on March 25-27, 2010 as a separate track of the 7th KIMEP International Research Conference, providing an opportunity for academic research and discussions between tax professionals and students of taxation. This year's conference, similarly to previous years, features a number of research papers from both KIMEP students and foreign academics and features numerous well-known Kazakhstani tax professionals.

This year's conference is a joint effort between the Bang College of Business and the College of Continuing Education - a logical partnership between these two colleges offering world class educational programs to both young people and experienced professionals. Apart from KPMG and Deloitte, other sponsors of the conference include PricewaterhouseCoopers, HSBC Bank Kazakhstan and Lancaster Group.

During the conference, more than 30 research papers will presented among others also the following topics:

  • Tax Profession in Central Asian Countries
  • The Types of Earmarked Taxes and their Distribution in Kazakhstan
  • Fairness of Taxation System in Kazakhstan
  • Taxation as a tool to attract Foreign Direct Investment to Kazakhstan
  • Choice of Legal Form in New Territory
  • Indirect Tax Issues Related to Cross-border Transactions
  • Stability of Subsurface User Contracts in Kazakhstan
  • Tax Crime in Kazakhstan
  • Offshore Tax Jurisdiction
  • Transfer Pricing: Main Issues Faced by Investors
  • Taxation System in Baikonur
  • International Taxation Matters in the Oil and Gas Industry of Azerbaijan

The final panel of the conference will be named "Tax Leaders" Panels and will feature the leading tax professionals in Kazakhstan, who will jointly reflect on their opinions of the current status of tax education in Kazakhstan and also make recommendations as to how current educational programs need to be tailored to meet the expectations and needs of the job market.

Unless otherwise noted in the program, all events will occur on KIMEP's campus in the Great Hall.


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