CATRC Students Organize Two More Prestigious Events

Since its establishment late last year, the Central Asian Tax Research Center (CATRC) has quickly become one of KIMEP’s most active organizations. Along with numerous other events, students at CATRC recently launched two more: the China-Kazakhstan Tax Forum and the Beneficial Ownership Colloquium.

The China-Kazakhstan Tax Forum, which was held on June 17-18, was a collaborative event involving many external partners. The International Fiscal Association, American Chamber of Commerce and Association of Kazakhstani Taxpayers all worked to establish this event, which strengthened mutual academic and research relationships while furthering cooperation on tax education in the two countries.

“The forum was organized with the purpose of carrying out comparative research and also to explore and analyze various tax aspects and concepts similar but also unique to the two tax systems,” says Alina Ishaleyeva, an LLM student and one of the Forum Coordinators. Kuralay Baisalbayeva, Pavel Chemeris and Olga Shatova are also part of KIMEP’s organizing team.

The event was very impressive. “The list of guest speakers included six academics and tax professors from leading Chinese universities, accompanied by a group of their best students,” Alina explained. These students and professors represented Capital University of Economics and Business, Peking University, Renmin University of China and China Central University of Finance and Economics.

The second round of the forum will be in China.

The same group of students also organized the Beneficial Ownership Colloquium. It took place on June 14, also at KIMEP.

Beneficial ownership has become an important issue in recent years, as many organizations now use a variety of international financial structures. In fact, this subject is the heart of Alina’s LLM thesis. As she explained, the concept creates lots of room for interpretation. There are many debates over the application of beneficial ownership and few seem to have reached a consensus thus far. The colloquium will provide an opportunity to discuss diverse research on this pressing issue.

Meruyert Assilova also played an important role in organizing this event.