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3rd Economic Forum “Expert-100- Kazakhstan”

Economic forum “Expert-100-Kazakhstan” which was held in Astana on 23 of November 2011 in Rixos President Hotel Astana was the final event in the large-scale research communication project. The main purpose of the forum was to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstani business.

Topics of diversification, industrialization etc.  - only the individual tools  of the country’s  competitiveness. Entry in to the Customs Unions, creating a single economic space and in the future accession to the WTO, involves the elaboration of common approaches to the management and development of economies nondiscrimination principle in relation to the business of unions participating in the data) that displays the theme of  competitiveness of the business to the forefront. The main topics for discussion were competitiveness of business in Kazakhstan, role of corporate governance in business competitiveness, terms of the  competitiveness of financial institutions, innovation as a factor in improving the competitiveness of business and the country. The forum was attended by the heads of key ministries and departments, top managers of the largest companies in Kazakhstan, one hundred members of the leadership, representatives of investment institutions, experts, media.

The event was attended by representatives of CATRC: Tomas Balco (JUDr, ACCA, LL.M, an associated professor in KIMEP, director of CATRC), Erki Ustlau (invited professor from Estonia, University of Tartu), Kuralay Baisilbaeva CATRC researcher, 4th year student, Bang College of Business) , Karina Muratova (CATRC esearcher,4th year student, Bang College of Business). 

Professor Tomas Balco made a presentation “Problems and issues of financing corporate business” in  section “Financing of economy: in searching for alternatives.”  during the discussion covered topics such as access to financing, the terms of the successful capital rising, IPO in Kazakhstan and abroad (problems and prospects), direct investments.

“Kazakhstan is now at a historic crossroads, ready to enter a common economic space and possibly WTO. It requires a revision of the relevant tax policy to meet the requirements of the EEA and the WTO, as well as maintain and enhance its competitiveness at the regional and global levels”- commented on the tax component of the competitiveness of Kazakhstani business professor Balco.