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CATRC Past Events for AY 2010-2011

CATRC Past Events Academic year 2010-2011                                                                        

1-st Adriatic International Tax Forum                                                         

On 19th of July 2011, the 1st Adriatic International Tax Forum was organized by Tomas Balco through the cooperation with Ljubljana Summer School, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The objective of the conference was to bring together the tax specialists from Slovenia and surrounding countries to discuss jointly both current and strategic question related to international taxation in the Adriatic region. A brief overview of the domestic international tax provisions and bilateral tax treaty relations between Slovenia and participating countries were discussed. Read more

Conference "Permanent Establishments"                                                 
This Conference was held on June 13, 2011, by CATRC of KIMEP. This was the unique conference, devoted to comprehensive analysis of the concept of permanent establishment and its practical implications for Kazakhstani companies operating abroad and foreign companies operating in Kazakhstan.  Learn more about the conference

Colloquium "Beneficial Ownership"                                                                  

Beneficial Ownership Colloquium which took place on June 14th, 2011, KIMEP, Almaty. It was devoted to in-depth analysis of the concept of beneficial ownership from various perspectives. 

The main purpose of the Colloquium was to bring together foreign and national academics, as well as Kazakhstan key stakeholders – with the objective to participate in the discussion of research findings of the CATRC Team and LL.M. student Alina Ishaleyeva, who was writing her LL.M. theses on this topic. More information about the project you can find here.

International Tax Forum “China-Kazakhstan”                                                            

This Forum was hosted on June 16-17, 2011, by CATRC of KIMEP and brought together the tax researchers and practitioners of both countries. The specialists discussed the tax-related issues which affect cross-border businesses having activities in both countries.Our

special guests were professors, researchers and students from the leading Universities of China:

Capital University of Economics and Business
Peking University

Renmin University of China

                            China Central University of Finance and Economics

                                  China Petroleum University

International Conference “Taxation of Oil, Gas and Mining industries in Central Asia”    
Considering the importance of hydrocarbon extraction and mining industries in Central Asia, CATRC researchers are analyzing the tax treatment of these industries. We also cooperate with our colleagues from other Central Asian countries who will contribute for this conference.
For further information please visit the web-site of International Conference “Taxation of Oil, Gas and Mining industries in Central Asia” which you can find here.

Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum - Round 2nd                                                    

 On May 12-19, 2011, a team of CATRC researchers went to University of Seoul, Korea, for a second part of the forum.
The detailed information on the event will be posted soon on the web-site of Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum, which you can find here

"Transparent Entities Taxation" Conference                                             
On May 13, 2011, the international conference on “transparent Entity Taxation: Development in Central and East Asia” took place at the University of Seoul, Korea.

Two Professors from KIMEPwere invited to participate on this conference as guest speakers: Tomas Balco (Associate Professor of KIMEP, Director of CATRC) and Vladimir Tyutyuryukov (Senior Lecturer of KIMEP, Deputy Director of CATRC). The program of the conference and the slides may be found here

Tax Treaty Case Law                                                                                                          

On May 3, 2011, the conference on "Tax Treaty Case Law" took place at KIMEP.  This conference was a unique conference, devoted to analyses of Kazakhstani Tax Treaty Case Law. The purpose of this event was to allow participants to jointly review and discuss the existing judgments of the Supreme Court of the RK, which deal with the interpretation and application of tax treaty provisions. More information about the conference you may find here.

With the support of IBFD.

Roundtable and Seminar "Transfer Pricing 2011"                                                       

On April 29, 2011, CATRC in cooperation with Association of

Taxpayers of Kazakhstan gathered the top corporate tax professionals and tax consultants together with the representatives of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance to share different perceptions, practices and experiences regarding the current economic, regulatory and fiscal changes taking place in transfer pricing under the umbrella of Round table and Seminar “Transfer Pricing 2011”.
The program of the Roundtable and Seminar may be found here.
Also slides you can find here.

3rd Annual Taxation Conference / Symposium at KIMEP                                            

This event was organised on the occassion of the 8th Annual KIMEP International Research Conference (KIRC) with the support of Ernst and Young(the Golden Sponsor), International Fiscal Association, American Chamber of Commerce and Association of Kazakhstani Taxpayers.You may find more detailed description, the program of Conference / Symposium and the papers prepared by its participants here.

Regional Trade Liberalization and Customs Project                                  

CATRC successfully delivered three training sessions of "Export Partnerships" seminars for USAID’s Regional Trade Liberalization and Customs Project (RTLC).
Created for selected small and medium enterprises and business associations from Central Asia and Afghanistan, RTLC is a rigorous six-month program to help them take advantage of new trade policies between Kazakhstan and its neighbors. Participants in this project received training on how to expand their operations and enter new export markets.  You may find more information on this project on its web-site, which you can find here.

Practical Implications of Anti-avoidance provisions in Kazakhstani Tax Law                                               
This Conference was held on 11 February 2011 in KIMEP. The participants from Kazakhstan, Italy, Republic of Korea and Russia exchanged the experience on practical implications of rule combating the tax avoidance implemented in their countries, which resulted in the comparative analysis of Kazakhstani and international practice and experience. Another focus of the Conference was on educating business community and increasing awareness on how those provisions apply in practice.

The Conference was intended to be a smaller one with the focused target audience, who may be actively involved in tax planning or are facing potential compliance issues: tax specialists, tax managers, tax consultants, tax authorities, tax lawyers, financial directors, tax controllers, accountants as well as academics and students.


Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum - Round 1st                                                

On February 9, 2011, CATRC hosted the international Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum. The participants from Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea and Russia presented and discussed a number of topics on the economic background of both countries, on their relations, and on domestic and cross-border tax issues.

This Forum will have a second part, which will be held in May 2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. For further information please click here