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17th ITC India

The 17th International tax conference & International Tax Dialogue Conference

In December 2011 CATRC team attended two international tax conferences: the 17th International tax conference and also International Tax Dialogue Conference. Both conferences were full-day events and covered different aspects of international taxation, the former being of more practical nature and latter being of more conceptual nature. Among the topics presented during 17th International Tax Conference were international anti-avoidance rules, international tax avoidance and transfer pricing trends. Given conference was of particular interest because it also covered tax law and tax practice in India - developing country with well-elaborated tax legislation and case law practice, which can be a good example for Kazakhstan and other Central Asian States. International Tax Dialogue Conference provided its participants with an understanding of how taxes produce and also reduce inequality. Among the topics covered during this Conference were tax administration, poverty and inequality; gender, taxation and inequality and also real property tax and inequality. International Tax Dialogue conference provided CATRC team with "food for thought" and currently its members are conducting research on some of the issues presented during the conference - the end result would be a publication of their findings.