Prof. Balco participating on 65th IFA Congress

Already 65th IFA Congress took place this September 11-16th in Paris. International Fiscal Association is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters. “An Annual Congress, hosted by one of IFA's Branches, provides an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience with respect to fiscal law. Participants afford scope for useful contacts with leading experts in the fiscal field, both as part of the official programme and in the course of private discussions.”

Prof. Balco was serving as Secretary on IFA/EU Seminar dedicated to avoidance of double taxation, which analyzed the fundamental legal framework and principles regulating the issues of elimination of double taxation. About 2000 participants from all over the world, representing both public and private sector representatives as well as numerous academics and students of International Tax Law. The participant had an opportunity to participate on an intensive academic and technical program, combined with networking events. Last year's visit of Prof. Balco in Rome (read more..>>) lead to establishment of academic relationships with The University of Seoul – leading to the Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forums.

This year’s congress dealt with two main themes – Interaction between domestic law anti-avoidance provisions and tax treaties and the International Tax Issues arising from Cross-border business Reorganization.

CATRC is actively working on establishing a Kazakhstani Branch of IFA and is also working on organization of a major regional international tax conference with IFA support.