Tierra Incognita being explored in Ferrara

On the June 24 2011 Prof. Tomas Balco participated on Conference “Tierra Incognita” organized by Prof. Marco Greggi at the University of Ferrara, Italy. This was already the second visit of Prof. Balco to Ferrara, which followed up on the previous visit from year 2010, please see the link for more details about past visit:  http://www.kimep.kz/about/news/nov2010/ferrara  

This time, the conference was dedicated to analyzing the tax policy reactions to the global financial crises in countries such as Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and others. The seminar was organized by the Faculty of Law at the University of Ferrara, and supported by the Italian Ministry of Education and the University of Ferrara’s Special Fund for International Initiatives. The aim of the event was to investigate and compare current developments in the tax laws of various states. 

Prof. Greggi is not a new name to KIMEP, he has visited CATRC in February 2011 (http://www.kimep.kz/about/news/feb2011/tax-center/tax-center-avoid ) and is coming to visit Almaty again this February  2012, to participate in the 1st round of Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum (https://sites.google.com/site/centralasiantaxresearchcenter/italy-kazakhstan-tax-forum ).

“I am glad that we have met with Prof. Greggi in the fall 2010. From this innitial acquintance, we are gradually building a strong academic and professional relationship and opening bridges between our universities, which also our students and other academics can hopefully walk soon”.

 The cooperation of Prof. Balco and Prof. Greggi is hopefully going to lead to conclusion of an exchange agreement between the two universities. CATRC Research Assistant – Xeniya Yeroshenko will spend her Spring Semester 2012 in Ferrara with the objective to take courses of Prof. Greggi and also to get familiar with Italian Tax Law and the Tax Law of the European Union.

"I am very excited about the upcoming trip to Europe. I see it, as an excellent opportunity to get familiar with European education system and lifestyle as a whole. I believe this experience of being far from home and used environment will be a huge benefit in terms of my personal development and growth. I hope that knowledge I got at KIMEP and skills I gained at CATRC will be a strong backround to make out of the best my study at the Law School at The Unibersity of Ferrara".