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IBFD Summer Course

IBFD Summer Course, The Netherlands, July 2011

This course is designed to provide the participants with the basic concepts and principles of international tax law from a truly international perspective. It examines the sources of international tax law, how those sources of law fit together, and what the main current issues of international tax law are. The concepts and principles of international tax law are further applied to the practice of business structures and planning. The course includes many case study sessions to ensure that the concepts discussed within the course are well understood from a practical perspective.

The aim of the course is to make the participants aware of the wide range of tax issues that have to be addressed in practice, and also to provide the participants with an overview of a large number of selected areas of taxation such as Value-Added-Tax, EC tax law and transfer pricing.

 Participants will acquire a structured understanding of the concepts and principles of international tax law, and to selected issues relevant for the business practice. They will learn to identify issues when dealing with international tax situations, the questions to ask, the different approaches of national tax systems to the most important issues and how to apply double taxation treaties in practice. Perhaps most importantly, participants will see the whole framework of international tax law, so that they have the background knowledge and confidence to pursue specific enquiries independently.


Pavel Chemeris, the CATRC member had an opportunity to participate in IBFD Summer Course during, Summer 2011, July