About Center

About CATRC                                                                                                                                                  
Central Asian Tax Research Center (CATRC) is specialized academic unit engaged in tax-related research and hosted by the School of Law at Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP).
Its concept was developed by Prof. Tomas Balco jointly in discussions with Dr. Dana Stevens (Academic Vice-President of KIMEP) and Dr. Terence Blackburn (Dean of the School of Law). Dr. Bang, the President of KIMEP, officially endorsed the formation of CATRC in late 2010. After this official approval it rocketed off with a number of academic and practice oriented events. The members of CATRC perform the tax-related research and analytical work, mainly focused on Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, and to a certain extent on CIS countries and Eastern/Central Europe.

CATRC seeks to fill an untapped niche of taxation education in Central Asia. It seeks to position itself as a tax research and knowledge hub for Central Asia as well as a place for professional development, networking, and last but not least, a consulting facility for corporate and government entities. 

Research Focus                                                                                                                                       

The Center is primarily focused on tax research in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, it's secondary focus is on the CIS countries and Eastern/Central Europe.
The Center is carrying out a wide range of academic and client-focused research. The Center's research agenda is determined in consultation with advisory board and potential clients. Current areas of research include:

    • Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment
    • International Taxation - Tax Treaties
    • International Taxation - Domestic rules
    • Customs Union and Taxation
    • Oil & Gas and Mining Taxation
    • Developing Countries and Taxation
    • Substance and Form in Tax Law
    • Foreign Investment Agreements and Taxation
    • Enhanced Relationship Agenda
    CATRC Goals                                                                                                                                            

    CATRC connects local tax professionals together with the leading domestic and foreign tax academics and researchers with the objective to make a contribution in:
    • Tax Research on Central Asian countries
    • Policy recommendations for sustainable and effective tax systems and administration, promotion and development of the tax profession
    • University education and training of qualified tax