BCB Minor in Taxation

BCB Minor in Taxation

The minor in Taxation provides students with both the theoretical background of underlying principles and policy rationales in taxation as well as practical skills of reading, analyzing and interpreting the provisions of tax legislation and applying them to specific business and commercial situations and transactions.

Students will develop profound understanding of the domestic tax system of Kazakhstan as well as understanding of the principles applicable to cross-border taxation and their application in Kazakhstan.
The minor in Taxation will position students to compete for jobs in consulting and in-house tax departments of both domestic and international companies, possibly (depending on the choice of their electives) also opening the door toward international careers.

The minor in Taxation teaches the important skills of using the tax knowledge when making strategic business and investment decisions and also makes them capable to come up with alternative solutions and ideas to optimize tax costs.

Non-Bsc students must also complete ACC2102 Financial Accounting I, LAW2202 Business Law and 1 more elective from Group B in order to receive the minor.

ACC3205 Principles of Taxation and ACC3210 Taxation in Kazakhstan may not be used in the accounting major since the courses are a part of the taxation minor. All courses have prerequisites which must be met.

Information taken from KIMEP Catalog 2011-2012 pp. 82-83