Education in Taxation

CATRC is spearheading the development of Tax Education at KIMEP University                                   
CATRC working jointly with other academic units works towards development of Tax Specialization at KIMEP University.
There is hardly any University in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which would have a comprehensive tax education and tax specialization.
This is despite the fact that there is high demand for tax specialists and tax professionals as well as qualified tax policy makers and tax administrators.
The first tangible outcomes are specialization (Minor in Taxation) in the following programs:
- Master of Laws (LL.M.)
- Bachelor of Business (BSc.)
- Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)
Additional efforts are being made to gradually build a PHD program and also specialized Master's program in Taxation.

LL.M. and LL.B. Minor in Tax Law                                                                                                          
There is constant demand from business and public authorities for qualified tax specialists to work either as external tax attorneys or in-house lawyers in both domestic and multinational companies as well as in various tax administration and tax policy roles in the national and international public sector organizations.
The Minor in Tax Law prepares students for a career of tax professionals either as in-house tax specialists, tax consultants, tax lawyers, or officers of tax authorities. As Kazakhstan develops, the demand for entry-level tax lawyers and consultants able to keep step with the ever-changing tax legislation is increasing rapidly. Students who complete
the Minor in Tax Law will be able to successfully apply the following skills:
  • Ability to interpret and apply the key sources of tax law, including domestic tax legislation, administrativeregulations, international regulations and case law.
  •  Ability to analyze and design constructive solutions to the key issues in taxation;
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Bcs. Minor in Taxation                                                                                                                          
The minor in Taxation provides students with both the theoretical background of underlying principles and policy rationales in taxation as well as practical skills of reading, analyzing and interpreting the provisions of tax legislation and applying them to specific business and commercial situations and transactions.

Students will develop profound understanding of the domestic tax system of Kazakhstan as well as  understanding of the principles applicable to cross-border taxation and their application in Kazakhstan.
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Merit Certificate in Taxation                                                                                                                  
Merit Certificate in Taxation may be granted to the students who completes the courses required by BCB Department:
(9 credits)
ACC5210 Taxation in Kazakhstan
ACC5211 Principles of Taxation
ACC5260 Selected Topics in Accounting: Taxation of Multinational Enterprises

Non-Degree Tax Program for External Students                                                                                
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Student Exchange Program                                                                                                               

KIMEP is pleased to announce the establishment of a new student exchange program with Utrecht University, one of the leading higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The exchange was launched at the initiative of the Central Asian Tax Research Centre, which will host its first participant for the spring 2012 semester. Read more