Marco Greggi
Prof. Marco Greggi
- Full Time Associate Professor at the University of Ferrara, Faculty of law. Professor of Tax law at the Superior School of Finance and Economics (Ministry of Finance). Professor of Tax law at the LL.M. in Tax law, University of Bologna.

On February 10th KIMEP was honored to welcome Associate Professor Marco Greggi  as a guest lecturer. Having both practical and academic experience in the field of taxation, Professor Greggi provided KIMEP community with a precious input as to taxation in Italy and European

Professor spoke at “Anti-avoidance” Conference organized by Central Asian Tax Research Center and gave presentation at both undergraduate and postgraduate tax courses at KIMEP. Professor Greggi gave an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Italy, the Italian and European concepts of abuse of law, interaction between domestic tax law and international treaty and also made a presentation on Double Taxation Convention between Italy and Kazakhstan providing his feedback on both clear and unclear provisions of the Treaty.