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CATRC Members

Mukhammadamin Azimov (Amin)


Mukhammadamin Azimov (Amin) is an international fourth year student from Tajikistan, studying in a bachelor degree at KIMEP University. Amin is majoring in accounting and minoring in Finance. He has a keen interest in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation, since all of these areas are interconnected in business environment.


From January 2014 until May 2014, he worked as a Teaching Assistant of Professor Tomas Balco. Amin was assisting Tomas Balco with launching of specialized courses on Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT). His tasks were class administration, preparation of class materials, and development of website. In January 2014, Amin joined  CATRC and participated in a research projects such as “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Kazakhstani Tax Treaty Analysis”. Currently, he is one of the members of editorial team of CATRC Tax Alert and CATRC ADIT Alert magazines.

Chynara Erkulova


Chynara is a 3rd year student at KIMEP University majoring in Accounting and minoring in Taxation. Although Chynara discovered her passion for the area of taxation only in her 3rd year, and is a relatively new member of CATRC Team, she is very keen on learning more about taxation and is now seriously considering to further her education in taxation for her Master's degree.

Chynara is from Kyrgyzstan, and in the long-run she wants to work in the area of tax policy-making in her country. Besides, Chynara would also like to contribute to the development of education in Central Asia, as she, like Li Ka-Shing, believes that "Knowledge reshapes destiny."

Mariya Jayembayeva

Mariya graduated from KIMEP University with bachelor degree in Financial Management in 2014. Since September 2013, Mariya started to work in Central Asian Tax Research Center as research assistant. Mariya was mainly responsible for research on various legal and tax issues. During her work in CATRC, she participated in such research projects as Fraudulent Entrepreneurship and Alternative Dispute Resolution project. Mariya was also actively involved in the promotion of ADIT courses, and, consequently, participated in the first ADIT Sessions that took place in the Fall of 2014. During the same period, Mariya also took part at a KIMEP Student Conference as a presenter during Tax sessions. Currently Mariya is part of an editorial team of CATRC Tax Alert.

Thanks to CATRC, Mariya says, together with Tonya, she was able to participate in 2014 Annual Summer Tax Programme organized by Queen Mary University of London.

Xeniya Yeroshenko


Xeniya is a PhD student at the University of Ferrara, Italy, doing her research work in the sphere of International taxation with the support of Erasmus-Mundus Scholarship Program. Xeniya has graduated from KIMEP University in Kazakhstan, where she studied both accounting and international law. Since 2011 Xeniya actively participates in the work of CATRC and is involved in the number of initiatives and is also responsible for managing the team of young researchers.

During her work she has participated in a number of international conferences and seminars abroad, as well as in several tax related projects on government consulting in relation to tax policy in Kazakhstan (Association of taxpayers in Kazakhstan, Eurasian Foundation of Central Asia, World Bank and similar projects).

In addition, Xeniya has also practiced in consulting and advising multinational companies in relation to tax issues while working in Ernst&Young Kazakhstan.

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