Liliya Kalbayeva



Consultant at Deloitte TTL,

CATRC Alumni

  I still remember the day when I first time heard about the Tax courses in KIMEP University and the Central Asian Tax Research Center, an academic unit under the School of Law in KIMEP. I was majoring in Accounting and by the end of the 3rd year in the University I realized that actually I cannot imagine myself working as an accountant. The course of Principles of Taxation taken during my study in KIMEP and then the discovery of the CATRC gave me an answer on my question “Who I want to be in the future” – a Tax Consultant.

During my stay in CATRC I was engaged in different projects. For the last time I was engaged in the Tax Newsletter preparation and editing. The period I worked in CATRC is one of the most memorable periods in my life, because CATRC is the big family and once you become a part of it, it is very hard to leave it. All the people, who work there, are people who love what they do, they enjoy their work. I think it is extremely important to love what you do, especially if it relates to your job. I believe this is the key to success.

I really appreciate support and help that I have got from the CATRC, the knowledge that I have got during my stay there and of course good friends that I met in the Center. Now I work as a Tax Consultant at Deloitte at the International Tax Department. I believe that Central Asian Tax Research Center will successfully achieve all the goals it set for the year 2013 and further. The only thing that I want to wish to our readers is to live your life and enjoy the things that you do.