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Kuralay Baisalbayeva
Kuralay Baisalbayeva has been with the Central Asian Tax Research Center since February 2011. Kuralay holds Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from KIMEP University with major in accounting and minor in taxation. During her work at the Center she performed responsibilities of the first financial officer, managed research projects and academic event, actively participated and made presentations on several topics on international taxation at CATRC conferences and seminars. 
Managed projects include: 

· the research project on Section 1504 of Dodd-Frank Act with global impact, where the report is being used to justify the design and rules for disclosure of Oil & Gas and Mining companies listed on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 

· Tajikistan Tax Reform Policy Assessment – organization of the first round table discussion in Dushanbe in cooperation with Tajik State University of Commerce, April 2012

Co-managed academic events – Tax Treaty Case Law Conference, KIMEP University, May 2011; the 1st round of China-Kazakhstan Tax Conference, KIMEP University, June 2011.

Participated CATRC conferences, where Kuralay made presentations on international and domestic taxation issues: 
the Beneficial Ownership Colloquium (KIMEP, June 2011), 1st round of China-Kazakhstan Tax forum (KIMEP, June 2011), Changes in Kazakhstan Tax Code Conference (KIMEP, September, 2011), 1st round of Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum (KIMEP, February 2012), 1st round of Spain-Kazakhstan Tax Forum (KIMEP, February 2012), Tajikistan-Kazakhstan Tax Seminar (Tajik State University of Commerce, Tajikistan, April 2012), 2nd round of Italy-Kazakhstan Tax Forum (Ferrara University, Italy, July 2012). 

Currently she is doing her internship at the Urban Institute in Washington DC,where she conducts research project investigating the impact of local revenue collections on economic growth. Upon her return to Kazakhstan in December 2012, she will join Ernst & Young office (Tax and Legal Department) in Astana. 
Kuralay has developed a strong interest in international taxation and planning to continue with her studies and obtain either LLM or MSc degree.
Being a part of CATRC for me is a great step in the process of self-development. Class experience is only one part of the learning we get, while meeting and cooperating with people is another, and is absolutely different from what we students expect from real life. A clear vision of what we are expected to do, a well-defined and constructive way of working, a responsible approach, a hard team core with constant support and helpful coaching from CATRC professors are all factors that have helped me excel while working with the Center. Try to do as best you can despite the challenges- that’s my motto.
Xeniya Yeroshenko

Xeniya joined the Center in February 2011, and since that time she has been an active participant in several CATRC events. She was a speaker at the KIRC Conference 2011, manager of the 3rd session of RTLC Project "Partnership Initiative” under USAID, speaker at the Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum in Seoul 2011, speaker at the China-Kazakhstan Tax Forum 2011 in Almaty, and she was also a participant of the  "Permanent Establishment” Conference and manager of the "1st Annual Mining, Oil and Gas Tax Conference 2011”. Currently Xeniya is responsible for the CATRC website, its updating, modifing and managing. She is currently works in the Ernst7Young Company in Tax Department

Alina Ishaleyeva
Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Public Management, KIMEP;
Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law, KIMEP

 Alina joined CATRC in April 2011. Her past projects inlcude the Tax Treaties Case Law ConferenceBeneficial Ownership ColloquiumChina-Kazakhstan Tax Forum- manager, presenter; 3rd Annual Taxation Conference / Symposium at KIMEP- presenter; "Anti-avoidance provisions in Kazakhstani Tax Law and their Practical Implications" Conference- presenter. As an active member of CATRC, Alina is a recipient of the Tomas Balco scholarship.

 Alina currently specializes in the field of international taxation, is engaged in active research in this area and is writing her thesis on the topic of Beneficial Ownership.

Haliul  MB                                                                                          

Head of Education Department

Elvira joined CATRC in February 2011 while studying at KIMEP for her BSc in Business Administration with a major in finance. She actively participated as a researcher and presenter at the Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum, Transfer Pricing Conference and at the Tax Session of the KIMEP International Research Conference.

She graduated in May and, thanks to the assistance of professor Tomas Balco, has been offered an entry level position in a local tax consulting company. After 3 months of practical experience in tax consulting, she was offered a scholarship to study in an MBA program and returned to KIMEP.

Under the terms of the scholarship, she had to provide services to KIMEP under a TA/RA contract, and she  decided to continue working with CATRC. She manages the work of the CATRC Education Department, which deals with planning and development of tax specialization programs, assistance to professors with review and development of syllabuses, research assistance related to the development of new taxation courses, promotion of tax specialization and necessary administrative assistance with the view of introducing a major in taxation.

In Fall 2011, she organized the 1st Seminar on Changes in Tax Code and, jointly with Meruert Assilova, organized the launch of the first issue of the CATRC Tax Alert. Elvira has presented at the Tax Treaty Case Law Conference and is actively engaged in research activities under the CATRC Consulting Department. She has also provided needed assistance in management of the course "Tax Law in the Republic of Kazakhstan". 

                                    Olga Shatova

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting Department, KIMEP
LL.M. Student, KIMEP
Head of

Tax Training and Teaching Department

Olga received a bachelor degree in business administration with a major in accounting. Now she is an LL.M student. She has been a member of CATRC since February 2010 and she is a recipient of the Tomas Balco scholarship. Now Olga heads the Tax Training and Teaching Department at CATRC, but she started her work in the Center by participating in several other events, including the RTLC project funded by USAIDTax Treaty Case Law Conference (organizer), Permanent Establishment Conference (presenter), Beneficial Ownership Colloquium (co-organizer) and Changes in Tax Code  Conference (presenter). The Tax Training and Teaching department deals with tax specialization at KIMEP, training for members and external participants, cooperation with Universities and CATRC membership.


 Karina Muratova

Karina is a fourth-year student at KIMEP with a major in accounting and minor in taxation. She has been a member of  CATRC since February 2011. She presented in the Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum, KIRC Conference and Changes in Tax Code Conference. Currently she is the director of CATRC's communication department and a project manager of the Spain- Kazakhstan Tax Forum. She is proud to be a member of the CATRC family and says that it has become an important part of her life.  It has given her a lot of opportunities and has helped her to develops new skills.                                                                                   


Kamilya Altayeva, BCB, KIMEP Graduate
Kamilya, one of the oldest members of CATRC, joined the Center before its creation in August 2010 as a Tomas Balco's teaching assistant for the course "Taxation in Kazakhstan". Kamilya, who majored in finance and minored in accounting, was very interested in learning different aspects of taxation, as she believed that these fields are all interrelated and that adding expertise in taxation would make her a multilateral specialist. Her current position in CATRC is that of research assistant, and she graduates from KIMEP in July 2011.

 Aslan Seitov, BCB, KIMEP student

Aslan joined CATRC on the 3rd of June 2011 to participate in the China-Kazakhstan Tax Forum as a presenter, and participated in organizations of projects as an assistant to the director. Aslan has the unique characteristics of drinking tea and eating cookies.

Meruyert Assilova, MLL.M KIMEP Student

Meruyert joined CATRC in February 2011. During her work in the Center she has been engaged in several projects: management oftraining services under the USAID-funded “Export Partnership” Initiative, organization of the “Permanent Establishment” Conference, and involvement in the Korea-Kazakhstan Tax Forum and Beneficial Ownership Colloquium as both participant and presenter.

Galymbek Zhumabayev

Galymbek Zhumabayev is an LLM Student at KIMEP. He is a very active participant in CATRC projects. In the short time he has been involved in the Center, he has already participated in a number of conferences, such as the Permanent Establishment Conference and two rounds of the Changes in Tax Code Conference. "The work done here in the Center by other students is outstanding", opines Galymbek. "Every conference and project is a challenge, but is at the same time an opportunity to strive for excellence".

Assel Ussembayeva
Pavel Cemeris
Anar Gabdul
Assiya Yermukhametova
Nataliya Pak
Shynar Bitegenova
Nursultan Serikbay
Yernat Sergazinov
Damir Yermagambetov
Elvira Haliulina
Olga Shatova