Center Team

  • Center Team is a team composed of:
    - KIMEP Professors and Administrators who work closely with 
    - the current KIMEP students, who work either as volunteers or paid Teaching Assistants or dedicated Research Assistants

    Center team is greatly assisted by CATRC Alumni, many of who are members of CATRC Young Tax Professionals Club working in different consulting or legal companies and returning back to KIMEP University and CATRC to continue developing their skills, but also sharing their skills with current CATRC members and further supporting the CATRC initiatives and activities through their personal contribution and involvement.

    Center Team is greatly supported by CATRC Research Fellows, who are the foreign researchers and academicians at some of the world's leading institutions and universities. These Research Fellows keep in constant touch with CATRC team, participate on join research projects and initiatives and also assist the CATRC student members to gain experience abroad through short term or longer visits.

    Center takes advise and guidance from:
    CATRC Academic Advisory Board - composed of respected Academicians and world's leading tax professors and researchers
    CATRC Tax Practitioner's Advisory Board - composed of leading legal and tax professionals in Kazakhstan and worldwide
    Friends of Center - composed of diverse group of friends and supporters of CATRC

    If you are interested to get engaged in some capacity as member of our Center team, please do not hesitate and let us know...